Sunday, 20 August 2017

Girls With Attitude Liquid Matte Lipsticks | Full Review & Swatches

Girls With Attitude Liquid Matte Lipsticks

My favourite brand Girls With Attitude have been working their magic once again and have brought out some amazing and exciting releases over the last month, which includes their stunning and most Instagramable brushes yet! I'm sure you've seen the new Flamingal collection over on their Instagram (@girls_attitude) and I have a full review coming your way very soon, but thats not the new release I'm talking about today. You guys know that lipstick is my favourite makeup item ever, partially liquid lipsticks, so I kind of feel that the new Girls With Attitude Liquid Lipsticks we're just calling out to me. Yes thats right, GWA now have three gorgeous matte liquid lipsticks added to their line of makeup and I love them! What's makes these lipsticks even more special, is that there is a mermaid theme with them and you guys all know how much I love mermaids.


Friday, 18 August 2017

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil & Other DHC Beauty Products | Full Review

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil & Other DHC Beauty Products

Right now I feel like I'm onto a right winner with my skincare routine and trust me when I say this is a very rare thing for me. Usually I'm falling in and out of love with cleansers and moisturisers more often that I should and being a beauty blogger means I always want to try out new things, so its really difficult to get right. But right now I couldn't be more happier with my skin and I think its all down to the cleanser that I've been using. For the last month or so, I've been washing my face and taking all of my makeup off with the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and its honestly one of the best things ever.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Full Review and Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

When it comes to talk and hype around makeup, Urban Decay are always up there with their new releases and recently the heat has been on quite literally as all the talk amongst us beauty bloggers has been about the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette*. I've been following Urban Decay on Twitter since I set up my account and when I saw them tweet about their new addition to their Naked range, I was so excited as this palette is beautiful in every single way and just knew that as soon as it was available to buy in the UK I had to have it in my collection.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

New Marks & Spencer Opening at Rushden Lakes

New Marks & Spencer Opening at Rushden Lakes

One thing thats always made me feel very lucky as a blogger is being invited to events that I would never dream of going to or would pop up in everyday normal situations. I think every blogger out there gets that blogger buzz when you've been singled out to go somewhere and its one of the best feelings ever. Since having Archie I rarely get to go to such events now, mainly because most of them are in London and it's not so easy to get childcare last minute. So when Chloe contacted me on the behalf of Marks and Spencer asking if I would like to attend the opening of the new store in Rushden Lakes I was thrilled and of course I had to say yes. I've always like Marks & Spencer, especially their food halls, lets face it you can't beat a bit of M&S food and I'm always popping into my local one to top up my stash of Percy Pigs (they're my fave). I've always enjoyed shopping in there for Archie's baby clothes as well, as they have some adorable pieces.
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